Hello and welcome to lostengineer.com!

     This is a blog about anything and everything related to engineering, hacking, science, entrepreneurship, chemistry, etc… If you like power electronics, high voltage, microcontrollers, and radio communication then you’re in the right place! 


The Authors background:

     My name is Coyt Barringer and I’m the guy behind this site. I’m currently a Junior studying Electrical Engineering at the University of South Florida.


     I have many activities and hobbies that I enjoy, but I’m most passionate about Electronics in general and especially power electronics and communication technology. I live and breathe circuits, and consider myself a Hacker in the sense that I love to create anything simply for the sake of creation. Over the years, I’ve worked on coutless projects including High Altitude Balloons, UAV’s, Nuclear Fusors (IEC), huge Tesla Coils, Rail & Coil guns, various robotics, etc…


     As for my other interests and hobbies, I currently have an Internship with the MITRE corporation where I work in a communications lab on Software Defined Radio (SDR) projects, I’m the president of X-Labs engineering club at USF, and I hold an EXTRA class Amateur (HAM) Radio license – I’m KJ4AWM. I also love messing with Linux, playing tennis, running, hiking, camping, and rock climbing.


     Business and entrepreneurship have always fascinated me which led to my interest in Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin. I hold some of both as an investment, and I have also built and run large scrypt GPU miners. I’m also the sole owner and founder of Barringer Engineering LLC. I have a few plans for this business but nothing is in motion at this time. If you need engineering contract / consulting work, feel free to email me with the address below.

You can email me at coyt.barringer@Gmail.com with questions or concerns