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Programming STM32F103 Blue Pill using USB Bootloader and PlatformIO

This is the infamous Blue Pill board – a $2 ARM STM32F103 development board with all the capabilities of a Teensy 3.x at a fraction of the price of an Arduino. So what’s the catch? I’ll tell you – software support. A couple weeks ago I decided to invest some time learning this platform because
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My worst FAIL or how to destroy a $500 radio

     A year or two have passed so I figured I’m finally ready to share one of the worst FAILs of my young EE life.      It all started with a dream… A dream to tap into the Intermediate Frequency line inside my beloved FT-817. If it worked, I would have been able
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Score of the Year! Free Multi-kW HF Linear Amplifier!

Ahhhh how I love attending a college with active research labs decades older than me! Where else could I score a free Multi-kW HF Linear Amplifier!?!?!?! Anyway, this find is most definitely my find of the year. This SERVER RACK SIZED amp was a CW (continuous wave) RF source for a Sputtering System in one
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Programmable VFD Display & Ticker

This is a project I’ve been working on for a while now, and it’s finally progressed to the point where I feel comfortable sharing it. The goal was to make a small programmable display so I can quickly check the current Bitcoin or Dogecoin price, see the time, weather, etc as I walk into my
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Mining Dogecoin

This is a GPU miner I built to mine Dogecoin several months ago. The main components are the GPU’s, and this rig ended up containing 4 R9 290’s. Max hash rate was around 3.4KH/s, but unfortunately this rig was stolen! I had it running in the X-Labs hackerspace room at USF and someone stole it
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