Mining Dogecoin

This is a GPU miner I built to mine Dogecoin several months ago. The main components are the GPU’s, and this rig ended up containing 4 R9 290’s.

Max hash rate was around 3.4KH/s, but unfortunately this rig was stolen! I had it running in the X-Labs hackerspace room at USF and someone stole it in the middle of the night (door was accidentally left unlocked). This has been a big setback for me as this rig cost upwards of 2.5k to build along with many hours of my time.

I’m slowly constructing another mining rig and general purpose server out of older parts sourced from Craigslist. That rig is almost complete, but won’t be able to mine nearly as much as my first rig.

Hopefully I’ll be able to write some tutorials or an ebook for setting up mining rigs of this sort soon.

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